Movie Review: Rumor Has It …

You know the story; you’ve seen the previews. Basically, in Rumor Has It … Jennifer Aniston discovers that her Grandmother (Shirley MacLaine) is Mrs. Robinson and Kevin Costner is Benjamin Braddock in this post-script to some real-life version of The Graduate. The movie works mostly because it’s well-cast. Aniston does her Friends schtick, MacLaine does her thing and, in a rather stunning move, Costner doesn’t take himself so damn seriously.

It’s a Rob Reiner movie, so it isn’t half bad. Fun, light fare for an afternoon between Christmas and New Year’s though.

I don’t really have much to add since it isn’t that important a film, but they don’t muck it up with too much exposition. No real soul-searching (though Aniston’s character is trying to “find” herself), no big message about the meaning of love or marriage, just real folks trying to sort out some crazy (and sometimes sordid) romantic relationships.

Oh, and Mark Ruffalo does his thing. Were I a casting director and I needed a sincere, lovelorn leading man or “good guy” type, he’d be at the top of the list for years to come. He basically plays the Kevin Costner part while Costner reinvents himself.

Matinee movie on a lazy Sunday is my prescription.

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