TiVoed Movies

I know I should use a phrase like “recorded” or “taped” to describe the process of storing content on my TiVo, but like Calvin I’ve “verbed” the word and created “TiVoed”. Deal.

Here is a list of the movies I’ve “TiVoed” in the last 6 months that we haven’t gotten around to seeing. Maybe now that we’ve got networked TiVos (Tivoes?) we can just watch them in the bedroom instead.

As you can see, having a small child and a TiVo means we’ve got a lot of movie-watching to do. Hopefully we’ll finish a few in the coming weeks.

Any suggestions on where we should start or what we should “TiVo” next? Jenn already has Closer queued up and we still have Crash (SAG Award Winner) to watch on DVD. What next?

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