One thought on “Miss Piggy spoofs Jessica Simpson’s Pizza Hut ad

  1. thought you might find this of interest!
    Yet, I imagine you probably know about this kinda stuff…
    >>>To provide a reference point for the conversation, Rocketboom
    currently uses 1 dedicated 100mbs server on Dreamhost to handle the
    database and webpages alone and 2 dedicated 100mbs servers on Datagram
    to host the videos and the images, for a total of a 300mbit/sec pipe
    size. The 2 datagram servers are mirror images (they both hold the
    same video and image files) and every single request for a video or
    image is alternated like a switch back and forth to each of the two
    servers. Our audience number is about 150,000/day of steady flow and
    every video now gets over 250,000 downloads (mostly reaching that
    number over the course of a few days). Last month we used 12 terabytes
    of data transfer on the two Datagram servers and not more than a
    Terrabyte on the Dreamhost server (mostly html and xml pages).

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