Avenue Q One Night Stand

So the folks who perform Avenue Q on Broadway are having a little contest to pick one lucky puppet/puppeteer to appear on stage with Avenue Q: WIN A ONE NIGHT STAND ON AVENUE Q!

There are already 3 lucky winners who are going to New York to see the show, hang out backstage and live the life of an Avenue Q castmember, but one of them will win the whole shebang. One of the finalists, Andrew MacDonald-Smith, emailed me to let me know about the contest:

Hi there!

My name is Andrew and I’m from Edmonton, AB. A While back I designed
a puppet along with Konja Chen (of Chensational Puppets) in Toronto in
honor of Avenue Q.

Recently Avenue Q had a contest. You send in a pic of your puppet and
bio and they choose the top 10. Those 10 puppets go onto the website
(www.avenueq.com) and the public can vote on their favorite puppets.
The top three puppets win a trip to New York to see Avenue Q and meet
the cast!

Needless to say, MY PUPPET WON!!

Now. most importantly, there’s more!

Of those three winning puppets, people can go back to the Avenue Q
website (at www.avenueq.com/onenightstandcontest.php ) and vote for
who of the three should appear ONSTAGE IN THE SHOW!!! There are videos
of all three.

I was wondering if you might post about this on your blog(s). I am
partial to my puppet (Maurice Tipo), but I really want the most people
possible to vote on who they think is the BEST suited to the show.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who would be willing to
help a puppet make their BROADWAY DEBUT, too!

I apologize if I have hindered you life in any way with this email.


Andrew MacDonald-Smith

So we have an opportunity to help influence this contest. We can all vote online for our favorite puppet. I won’t go so far as to say “Vote for Andrew!” but I do admire his moxie in emailing me.

Vote for your favorite online.

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