David Rio Elephant Vanilla Chai

David Rio Elephant Vanilla Chai: Best. Tea. Evar!

I’m not even a huge fan of any kind of hot, caffeinated beverage, but I just mind find a place in my heart, pallette and daily morning ritual for David Rio Elephant Vanilla Chai.

Wow! I got two individual packets of the stuff – one Elephant Vanilla Chai, the other Tiger Spice Chai – as a holiday gift from a vendor at work. Today was my first sip of the stuff and it was so amazing I’m left wondering where there’s a good tea shop in the Atlanta area? Anyone?

I’ve been on a kick of Iced Green Tea lately and Jenn and I love plain, old Southern sweet tea, so maybe I’m just becoming a more well-rounded tea drinker. Thoughts?

I’m trying the Tiger Spice Chai tomorrow and I have high hopes. Unfortunately, if it’s great I’m only going to have to find some kind of supplier for my new fix. Fingers crossed on both fronts.

Elephant Vanilla Chai:
David Rio Elephant Vanilla Chai

Tiger Spice Chai:
David Rio Tiger Spice Chai

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  1. Susie says:

    The Giraffe Decaf is wonderful as well. And, what got me started on this brand is the Flamingo Vanilla Decaf Sugar-free which is also delicious. Glad you stumbled onto this brand. You can find a 14 oz canister of these on various websites for about $6.89, so take a look

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