Muppet Parody Articles

There are two really excellent Muppet parody articles online today; I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention them.

The first, Swedish Nation not outraged by Muppet Stereotype, is written by a site which looks to be a news site in the style of the Onion. Here’s a quote from the article:

Unenragaged Swedes were said to have raised neither eyebrow at reports that a TV show from the 1970’s had shown their nation in a particularly comic light.

Although no reports have yet been received from Stockholm that effigies of Jim Henson were being burnt in the centre of the city, police in the Swedish capital were still taking no chances and were said to be directing bemused tourists to their hotels as they fell over on icy pavements.

The other, Brokeback bandwagon, purports that Muppet Brokeback Mountain is heading into production. If we can have Brokeback Top Gun and Brokeback to the Future, why not?

In Muppet Brokeback Mountain, Kermit plays Ennis to Fozzie Bear’s Jack, with Miss Piggy and Gonzo as their respective spouses. Uncredited guest appearances will include Ellen DeGeneres, George Michael, k. d. lang, Boy George and Limahl.


UPDATE: See my Brokeback Muppets post for more.

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    Bert and Ernie get the Brokeback parody treatment in Brokeback Muppets.
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