My Tiki Bar TV Obsession

So I’m jonesing for a new episode of Tiki Bar TV and in the interim I’m feeding my need for new content by engaging ins some low-level, online stalking of the cast members. I really want to learn more about the hysterically funny real people who produce Tiki Bar TV.

What kind of training has Dr. Tiki had as a mixologist (MD, PhD, USB)? What does Johnny Johnny do to pay the bills? Is LaLa computer-generated? All pressing issues, in my mind.

First off, a podcast, an blog post and an article (all via Business Week) concerning Tiki Bar TV. Good stuff and it reveals the real name of one Dr. Tiki: Jeff Macpherson (NOT Reginald Hornstein)

A little more detective work lead me to Wikipedia’s Tiki Bar TV entry which has tons of goodies: Johnny Johnny’s identity (Kevin Gamble) along with his professional bio and personal site.

Still no idea who Lala might really be. Someone thought they had found her sister, but it turned out to be a red herring, much like Communism.

Still, I learned a lot in my freaky quest for knowledge. For one, I learned, direct from the source, that the Tiki Bar TV folks want us to