Edgeio test: Queen “Mission” bedframe listing

So I was accepted into the “Craigslist killer” service known as Edgeio. It aims to take blog posts tagged with the term “listing” and provide a means for folks to sell their junk treasure.

Since Jenn and I happen to be cleaning out our basement for a near-future move, we’ve got stuff to sell. Now, I don’t want to jump the gun and put something here that will cause an inter-marital brouhaha, but I do want to try out the system. Needless to say, I don’t have a Flickr photoset of all the bangles, baubles and beads, but I do have a picture I stole from a site somewhere.

Without further ado, a Queen “Mission” style bedframe from Rooms to Go:
Rooms to Go Mansion Bed

We used the bedframe for about two years at which time we upgraded to another “Mission” style bedframe from Rooms to Go that was a King. The photo above actually looks just like our current bed. The bed for sale is a touch less ornate, but in the same style and color.

I think we paid about $500 for the bedframe at the time, but it’s in excellent condition, so make an offer. We’re in northwest metro Atlanta (Smyrna).

If this works out, even reasonably, I’ll have a Flickr photoset of all the items for sale as well as an expanded listing.

*Fingers crossed*

CAVEAT: Should Jenn not like my little experiment (I am doing this while she’s sleeping, you know), this item will be replaced with some other trinket, gadget, appliance or computer peripheral. I promise. I’m really kean to try out Edgeio!

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