SMS Pizza Redux

So the other day I was trolling my blog analytics program StatCounter, when I saw that I was getting a link from a Google search for SMS Pizza. I wrote a screed last Summer about the need for Pizza Hut (or any other pizza purveyor) to offer pizza ordering via SMS text message.

The concept is simple enough: you text an order code or coupon code to a number, say 74992 (pizza) and your order is processed. The pizza place can see your number and find you in their system and you can save the time and effort of making the call, staying on hold and all the usual haggling and fuss. Tack on a binary digit for carryout or delivery and the whole thing is a magical pizza experience.

Sounds simple enough, right? So simple, in fact, I wondered aloud on the blog why someone hadn’t already done it.

Turns out they had

The curious cat that I am, I followed the Google search string from my stats program and found an entire article detailing Pizza Hut’s partnership with Ericsson to enact a program just like the one I described.

Great minds thinking alike and all.

Still, one of the best ideas I’ve ever co-opted (or thought of second). If only they had this feature in my area, I’d be a texting pizza fool. [For clarity’s sake, I’m already a pizza fool. But you knew that since you’re reading about a fool trying to order pizza via SMS.] Any local Atlanta-area joints or big American chains care to take up the mantle?

Anybody else hungry for a slice?

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