Friday tidbits

A random collection of facts and figures tied up with a bow (and an unordered list) into a nice, neat package for your pleasure and enjoyment. Basically, all the random crap that’s too short or too esoteric to warrant a full post.

The leest:

  • Saw Ernie Johnson in the hall yesterday
  • He didn’t look to well, but my pathetic pity-eyes may have made him less than forthcoming in his friendly grin at me. He was on the NBA telecast on TNT last night, so he can’t be doing too poorly.

    He has a non-Hodgkins lymphoma and the swelling of his face and neck was noticeable. He’ll be getting chemo, but otherwise he seemed well.

    I’m always surprised that he isn’t taller. I’m 6’3″ and EJ seems about my height if you see him on TV. In real life, he’s probably 5’11’ or 6′.


    Makes me want to meet that entire NBA on TNT broadcast crew to see how I size up against Barkley and Magic.

  • Spoke to Henry Copeland
  • Two great phonecalls with Henry this week. He’s such an interesting guy. Trying to pull all of the media into the 21st century at once via blog advertising is an ambitious project. Good luck and keep up the excellent work.

    [FULL DISCLOSURE: I run Blogads on this site and I’ve been a client of Blogads through my day job. Henry still kicks ass.]

  • Miskatonic University
  • Go Pods!

    The bumper sticker of a Hearse I saw on Spring Street. Ironically it was driving by that rather large funeral home at Spring and Tenth Street, Patterson & Son.

    Remember kids, Cthulhu saves (he might get hungry later).

  • Jenn kicks ass at Guitar Hero
  • Her stat line: 99% hit, 208 note streak playing Symphony of Destruction on medium difficulty during a multiplayer session of Guitar Hero. Her team (Cartoon Network New Media) narrowly lost to a team from GameTap. Still, my baby kicked ass!

I’m out. Enjoy your weekend.

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