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So I’ve known about the Muppet Wiki since it’s debut late last year, but I didn’t feel the need to contribute for two reasons:

  1. I’m only mostly Muppet, and so my knowledge is really quite superficial.
  2. I’m a fan, for sure, but not a fanatic. To be honest, I just thought the domain name was funny and I had enough of a pop-culture knowledge and appreciation for the Muppets, so I went with it.

    I post Muppet stuff now because I find it humorous, somewhat topical, nostalgic, pop culture-y and because it’s my blog, dammit! It’s not my only topic of conversation, but I sprinkle some Muppet love here and there (some weeks more than others).

  3. I haven’t really contributed to any Wiki before.
  4. Surprising since I’m quite the “social media” guy, but the big daddy Wikipedia can seem daunting to a newbie. Muppet Wiki still seems fresh, easy and there are plenty of places that need contributors.

In case your curious, I made some slight additions to a small corner of the Fraggle information, Cotterpin Doozer, today. I also created an entry for one of the songs from Fraggle Rock.

If you’re more than curious, you can follow my contributory exploits directly.

And in the unlikely event you’re dying to share your own Muppet knowledge with all the internets, you can join the fun too. I’m sure Danny Horn, who created the wiki and runs a great Muppet fan site (, would appreciate the help.

Happy Friday!

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