Project Runway 2 Season Finale

Last night’s Project Runway 2 Season Finale was full of fashion, tension and excitement culminating in the announcement of Chloe Dao as the winner. Though, to George Clooney’s point in his Oscar acceptance speech, how do you really judge art. It all comes down to taste, I suppose.

For me, Santino’s collection was a risk since he had built up a certain persona (love it or hate it) throughout the series. Trying to do a 180 in the finale wasn’t safe at all and clearly confused the judges, something at which Santino excels. Still, I didn’t think the outfits were the best fit, despite being beautiful.

My wife and I agree that Daniel Vosavic’s collection was the most pret a porter. Jenn compared it to the kind of fashion she’d find from Calvin Klein. He definitely has a very structured, clean aesthetic that belies his youth. We dug it, even the warrior princess dress.

Chloe got low marks from both of us. Jenn even quipped that because it was the least naturally beautiful it would score points among the fashionable and win the night. She was right. I can see how the seams and the execution were impeccable, but I don’t think the gowns were pretty. But what do I know? I’m just some straight guy who got sucked into another reality show because of a late season marathon.

Here’s some background info for all the folks who want to know more about the finalists:

Chloe Dao:
Official site
MySpace Profile

Santino Rice:
Official site/Blog
MySpace Profile

Daniel Vosovic:
Official site
Friendster Profile

I find it interesting that the youngest competitor of the final three still uses Friendster and not the hipper, younger MySpace. Or maybe I’m just missing his profile. This one sure isn’t him.

The other weird development is the fact that Kara Janx also showed a collection at Olympus Fashion Week. We saw the information in an on-screen crawl during the finale, but you can see her collection (and the finalists) online. Bravo is also auctioning off pieces of her collection with those of the finalists.

I wonder why her show/collection wasn’t mentioned in the finale? Did she show in the same tent? Did she get their on her own merit or because of the show?

In any event, that’s my wrap up. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Project Runway 2 Season Finale

  1. Chloe’s stuff was hideous! That first dress… looked like a couch I saw on an old episode of the Golden Girls! I was rooting for Daniel V. I’d have even taken Santino as a winner. I think Santino actually got screwed more than Daniel… They kept calling Santino a one trick pony and then when he shows he has another trick… Oh Santino, you’re selling out or something. Screw Michael Kors!

  2. Did you see that Chloe’s dresses seem to be garnering the smallest bids? That couch cover is only fetching 55 bucks over the starting bid! Santino’s got one for over 2 grand!

  3. Kara was the red herring. The Olympus fashion show happened right before the show about Kara getting voted off aired. It kept viewers from finding out who the final three were until it aired.

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