The Muppet Matrix

Last night I got two pointers to the same cool animated trailer for The Muppet Matrix. One from RSL, who noted this Screenhead post and one from Bill who went straight to the source.

Here’s a version which made it to YouTube:

The original production and design team apparently did this as a final class project at ITT Tech in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s an amazing mash-up of the original Matrix trailer and 3D models of Muppet characters.


Character Models
Animation & Rigging

Derek Carr

Scene Environments
Special Effects

Chris Leone

Video Editing
Title Screens

Donnie Yeoman

Dedicated to Jim Henson

We love you, we miss you.

Special Thanks

Kate Dupin
Meliza Banzon
T-Shirt Designs

very special thanks
Wachowski Bros.

I’m also working on an interview with the creators of the video for the blog. Stay tuned.

Here’s the “cast” of The Muppet Matrix:

Kermit the Frog – Neo
Rowlf – Morpheus
Miss Piggy – Trinity
Gonzo the Great – Agent Smith
Beaker – Agent Brown
Bunsen Honeydew – Agent Jones
Rizzo the Rat – Cypher
Statler & Waldorf – Themselves


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  1. 20 questions with The Muppet Matrix creators…

    So here’s the “interview” I promised earlier today:

    What was the course/curriculum that spawned The Muppet Matrix project?
    Initially, we were to take “Intro to 3d Modeling” but Chris and I were going in with quite a bit o…

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