My neighbor Ben is internet famous

I can’t let the day end (too late!) without noting a really cool occurrence: my next-door neighbor, Ben Prisk, got a link from BoingBoing!

Ben’s an artist who works for a broadcast design firm in Atlanta and he’s one Hell of an artist. If you’re an [adult swim] viewer, you’ve likely seen his art as the backgrounds for Squidbillies, or the end credits of Aqua Teen Hunger Force [IMDb cred]. Both Ben. Good stuff, no?

The post that got him linked is all about artist Boris Artzybasheff. I’m no connoisseur, but I know what I like and I like this stuff.

So now both of us, living a couple dozen yards away from one another, both got BoingBoing’d! Neither of us know the crew there, but we both have that badge of honor. (My link was last year when I blogged DreamHost’s BitTorrent policy).

Congrats, Ben! I love your blog, your original art and your found art. Keep up the good work.

Beer and celebration soon, I hope.

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