R.I.P., Peter Tomarken

So I learned yesterday from a college buddy that gameshow host Peter Tomarken died in a plane crash. I’d make a tasteless joke about “Press Your Luck”, but I fear karmic “whammies”. 🙁

Almost exactly three years ago, I blogged about “The Peter Tomarken Fan Club”, the name of a rec team from college. The post is getting a ton of traffic today, no doubt because of Peter Tomarken’s tragic death. I really do love the guy for his place in pop culture and the collective unconscious of my group of friends.

He will be missed.

For more on his life, career and his untimely death, check out these sources:

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  1. Peter Tomarken…

    In college, my buddies and I had a running gag involving naming intramural sports teams “The Peter Tomarken Fan Club”. Those of you not familiar with this jovial game show host would do well to watch Game Show Network reruns of Press Your L…

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