My Pull List

For real.

Here are the comics to which I’m going to subscribe at my local store:

  1. 100 Bullets
  2. Amazing Spider-Man
  3. Astonishing X-Men
  4. Batman
  5. Detective Comics
  6. Fables
  7. Fallen Angel
  8. Fantastic Four
  9. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
  10. Sensational Spider-Man
  11. The Ultimates
  12. X-Factor
  13. Y: The Last Man

I’ll likely get the last couple of issues of 4 (formerly Marvel Knights 4) and the 5 issue Fantastic Four “First Family” mini-series. I’m also in for Truth, Justin and the American Way (review soon) and The Maze Agency mini-series.

Any other books I should be reading, given my list? Another Bat book to sub or add for the ones I’ve got?


4 thoughts on “My Pull List

  1. I can’t object to any of your titles. I’d add in anything by Rucka (especially his Queen & Country titles), any thing by Busiek, and … hmmm, yeah, Bendis, too, so I’d add “Powers” in to the list at least.

  2. Usagi Yojimbo, by Stan Sakai. Excellently written and drawn tales of samurai/ronin-era Japan, only with (not-so-funny) animals.

    A volume (from Dark Horse) should certainly be available to flip through at any respectable book store or comic store.

  3. Will says:

    Seth! Bro-in-law! If you are a Grant Morrison fan, you really need to check out the SEVEN SOLDIERS mega-series from DC. Some of the best (almost) mainstream stuff I’ve read in a while. The ‘series of mini-series’ are about to be collected in TPB format, so your chance to grab ’em is coming around again.

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