Battle & Brew: Guitar Hero Tourney

Given the recent infamy/popularity of my Guitar Hero 2 setlist, I thought I’d let everyone in the Atlanta area know about an upcoming axe-fest: Guitar Hero Tourney

From the site:

Last Time…

– Corey “Fret Fingers” Martin narrowly defeated ‘Dew’ himself in a finale decided by one note to become the 1st Battle & Brew Guitar Hero Champ
– The title is on the line April 13th when B&B hosts its 2nd – Guitar Hero Tourney

April 13th – 9:00 PM
Registration from 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Tournament Format:
– 2 classes – Hard & Expert
– Entry Fee is $10 for each class
– Players may enter in both classes
– Tournament will use a bracket system leading to a best of 3 final
– All songs will be chosen at random, so all you 1 trick ponies best get practicing
– Winners will receive half of the entry fee proceeds along with free game time and other prizes.

We’ll be giving away a lot of great swag, so even if you aren’t competing – come on out for a rockin’ good time!

The battle of the air guitar bands is being held at Battle & Brew, “Atlanta’s First LAN Gaming Pub”. Be there – or don’t.

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  1. john wright says:

    do not attend battle and brew. i was physically assaulted, thrown to the ground and choked until i nearly passed out, by an employee there and andrew watched it happen and stands behind his employee’s actions. do not support this business or its crooked proprietor. thank you

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