Google Map of Lost island(s)

If you’re looking for a Google Map of the potential locations of the Lost island, look no further.

The map can also be accessed directly from this URL.

Additionally, it’s going to live on a semi-static, non-blog page.

You can read my previous post on the map for more info. Basically, it’s not perfect and I need help. All additions, suggestions, edits are welcome.

See you tonight after the episode!

Hat tip to – I didn’t use all the code, but it did point me in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Google Map of Lost island(s)

  1. Lost island locations plotted with Google Maps…

    With a little help from and the Google Maps API, I’ve mapped the 4 potential locations of the Lost island.
    Two assumptions:

    The Lost numbers are coordinates
    In this case, I’m using them as decimal representations of actual longitu…

  2. Lost Numbers are GPS coordinates…

    I’m just passing this meme along, but several people seem to think that the Lost numbers may be GPS coordinates.
    TV Squad makes that claim, linking to Google Maps in the process.
    Sarah Hatter, via her Flickr account, does likewise (though not on …

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