Lost: Lockdown

All Locke, all the time. An excellent episode with even more backstory on everyone’s favorite “lostie”, John Locke.

Here’s my take:

First off, ABC promoted Lost: Lockdown as having 5 events that would happen. Here’s my stab at the five big-ticket occurrences:

  1. The Balloon
  2. Featured in the promo, found early on, ties into a late-breaking development that also makes this list.

  3. Blast Doors
  4. They injure Locke, lead to an alliance with Henry Gale and reveal a secret – yet another item on this list.

  5. Locke jilted
  6. Not technically jilted, since they didn’t make it to the altar, but still pretty rotten.

    Locke needs some form of unconditional love or codependent relationship. He didn’t get it from Dad or Helen, so he tried to get it from Henry Gale.

  7. Dharma blacklight
  8. I could study that thing for hours, but no doubt someone already has it on the internet. More to come in the following weeks, to be sure.

  9. Henry Gale
  10. You had to know he wasn’t telling the whole truth, like last week’s episode. Clearly, he was stringing folks along to keep himself alive.

    Still, I question whether or not he’s an “other” or perhaps the person who delivered those parachuted goods and accidentally got stuck on the island.

Other thoughts:

  • Pyramid scheme
  • I’m convinced that somehow Locke’s father Anthony knows an associate of Sawyer and is in charge of some of the grifts/cons. I’m also convinced that the plane Kate is so fond of is somehow tied back to Anthony.

    All those lockboxes and criminals and schemes meet somewhere. Maybe not this season, but I’ve got a strong hunch. Heck, the number on the $700k box was 1516, so at least that was consistent.

  • 47
  • A new number perhaps? This was the catalyst for the blast doors.

  • Henry Gale
  • I don’t mean to harp on it, but he got the numbers awfully quickly. I think his subterfuge and knowledge of the numbers puts him squarely in the others camp, but something is off.

    I just can’t get over him being caught in that net. Either he’s an escapee or a mole or something else entirely.

    I’m not sure yet, but I’ve always felt something about him was off besides the normal creepiness. He’s not just a plain “other”, he’s something else.

  • Food drop
  • Ok, now I’m convinced that the losties are somehow being recruited to the island and that the Dharma Initiative is ongoing and not some abandoned project that only exists in the minds of the others.

I’ve got too much more to mention. It was a busy episode.

Unresolved are the issues of the remaining $200k Locke’s dad left, the goons who are looking for it, and Locke’s legs (both in the flashback and in the hatch).

Next week looks to be another great episode (Hurley flashbacks to the mental ward perhaps). Maybe we’ll see if my Hurley/Libby theory (that they know one another from the hospital) is correct.

See you next week!

11 thoughts on “Lost: Lockdown

  1. JFray says:

    I’ve just started reading your blog..came across it somehow through Technorati and after a couple articles, it’s stuck in my rss reader 🙂 That being said, have you checked out http://www.losttv-forum.com ? A lot of the theories that you’ve been talking about are there and fairly fleshed out as well. Back to lurking…

  2. Yeah, “Henry” could repeat those numbers faster than most of us who watch the show every week. But that whole thing where “Henry” said [paraphrased] “I’m Henry Gale… from Minnesota” completely outed him as an Other. Most people when saying where they’re from respond with a both city and state, not just some vague reference.

    Re: Pyramid scheme… I wondered aloud last night if Cooper couldn’t have been Frank Sawyer himself.

  3. I’m surprised you put Locke being jilted as one of the top 5 events. I would have definitely thought the appearance of the parachuted goods was more eventful.

  4. Oh yeah, I mention it on my site, but I’ll mention it here for those of you who don’t haphazardly follow every link you run across: there’s a Canadian promo for next week’s episode that reveals a little more about the Sayid/”Henry” exchange.

  5. VAG says:

    If any1 noticed when the neon lights came on the picture on the wall was a map of the island. The 6 stations and there symbols were on them. And the ? in the eye of the island my show were everthing leads to.

    And if u noticed when the previews for next eposode Henry said, “If i tell u who i am he will kill me.”


  6. Josh says:

    I think the home Locke inspected in the flashback was of Sayid’s girlfriend/lover that he freed in Iraq, but I could be mistaken.

  7. Nick says:

    It was Nadia. I was kind of looking for her, as TV.com had her in the cast list for the episode. But it still had the cool moment of being another cross-reference deal with the characters.

  8. Re: #47 — On ALIAS, that’s “the Rambaldi number.” It pops up all the time on that show. I imagine it’s just a general shout out to JJ’s work, and therefore something of a red herring on this show.

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