Lost blast door diagram

If I were a less productive person, I’d ditch my day job and devote all my free time to deconstructing Lost. Luckily for you (and my continued, gainful employment) other people have taken up the mantle of true Lost obsessive/compulsives and analyzed the Dharma diagram/map on the back of the blast door from Lost: Lockdown. You know, the one Locke saw when the blacklights came on.

Here are a few of the best interpretations of the Lost Dharma door map. And yes, there are more than one.

I’m spent. Jump down the rabbit hole at the expense of your own sanity and productivity.

UPDATE: One more for good measure.

8 thoughts on “Lost blast door diagram

  1. Sometimes when I feel I missing little details in “Lost” I know that you will catch them on your site. I knew when I checked Atlbloggers that your recap would be appearing. Thanks for posting links regarding the blast door diagram.

    Just wondering, did you notice anything relevant about the planes that were seen during Locke’s flashbacks?

  2. VAG says:

    As i stand before on my theory of that diagram being a map on the previos overview of episode 2:17 lockdown.

    But I did nots spend alot oftime looking for that. I just noticed it when I was wacthing.

    Also has any body ever shed light on the fact of what the dharma initiative login?


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