Bob Ross: The Game

Bob Ross: The Game
Put the happy little trees wherever they want to live

  • Not an April Fool’s joke.
  • Not an uban legend to be debunked by Snopes.
  • Not a lie.

There is an honest to goodness Bob Ross video game coming to the Nintendo DS and Revolution this year.


I can finally live out my unrealized dream of painting beautiful, bucolic vistas without having to purchase Prussian or Phthalo Blue paint. article
AGFRAG Entertainment (game developer)
The Official Bob Ross Game Yahoo Group

If this line from the press release doesn’t make you yearn for a rainy Saturday afternoon when the cable was out and you could only get PBS to come in with rabbit ears, check your pulse:

“I want the community to share with us their favorite Bob Ross shows, painting techniques, and what they’d like to see in the NDS and Revolution games. We want to keep the brush going.”

Points to AGFRAG for recognizing the unique beauty of Bob Ross and his painting & teaching techniques. Points to me for that run-on sentence preceding the blockquote.


Bob Ross

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