Frodo and Sam: Secret Lovers?

The cable network that writes my checks, TBS, is promoting our Easter weekend “three play” of the first two Lord of the Rings films with some “Very Funny” promos.

First and foremost is a look at the relationship between Sam & Frodo set to Atlantic Starr’s Secret Lovers:

You can see all 6 promos at

Feel free to send them to your friends and blog about them. I do have to remain gainfully employed after all. 😉

As a bonus you’ll receive my undying friendship and a working knowledge of how a website producer for a major American cable network facilitates “viral” video sharing.

If you’re really lucky I’ll share some insider details about the genesis of the spots, the people responsible for their production and the importance of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out on the NES. Seriously.


5 thoughts on “Frodo and Sam: Secret Lovers?

  1. You certainly have my permission, and I work for TBS!

    Go ahead and run the banner, it’s one we provided to blogs and fansites like yours and not an original creation of that particular blogger.

  2. I posted the banner up. At this point it seems like it should say “See the video that everyone is talking about.” And I’m happy to say that the majority of comments out there have been positive. 🙂

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