Now Start A Beard




Just as I finish up a stint on the Lemmy Kilmister look-alike tour and I shave my Ron Jeremy/Kraven the Hunter facial hair, beards are back in style.

Some guy wanted to record his beard-growing and place it on the internets for all to see:

Now Start A Beard

The project began on January 2, 2006 (after forgetting to take a picture on January 1) with the original intent of growing a beard from New Year’s Day to St. Patrick’s Day, not unlike the residents of Shamrock, Texas. During the process, I found watching the bread grow (scraggly and unimpressive as it was) mesmerizing, so I expanded the project to a whole year.

The video:

The warming weather and my wife’s wishes be damned!

I’m getting the band back together! I’m growing the beard again!

[Via Attu]

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  1. ph34r my 1337 stats!…

    My stats pwn!
    Well, not really. I just happened to catch StatCounter at an appropriate time last Friday.
    New episodes of Lost and my fabulous ’stache are really helping out traffic and building the ole AdSense kitty.

    Also, check out the 1…

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