Lost: Dave

What an episode! Chock full of all the little insights and meta discussions that make you re-evaluate characters and their place in the series.

This one is all about the characters and their (new?) relationships:

  • Dave
  • Titular imaginary friend played perfectly by Evan Handler.

    I’m no Freudian, but I think he represents Hurley’s ID. Impulsive, decisive, meddlesome. Saying and doing all the things that Hurley secretly desires.

    His entire mind-fuck scenario leading up to the cliff-diving was picture perfect. I’m sure the writers will use him, and Hurley’s illness, to great effect going forward.

    Wouldn’t it be just too easy (and disappointing) if the whole thing were Hurley’s dream?

  • Hurley
  • The sadesst sack on the entire island. Seriously, if it weren’t for bad luck he’d have no luck at all.

    Libby’s love notwithstanding, the man is most probably cursed. I love the guy and I feel incredibly sorry for him, but I wouldn’t get within 100 yards of him.

    On the flipside, he probably holds some key to how events unfold on the island. If anyone would be a catalyst for things coming to a head or taking a wrong turn, he’s the logical choice.

    Two bonus points:

    1. The use of the numbers in Hurley’s accident (23 people on a deck built for 8)
    2. Hurley beating up Sawyer over the Clonazepam and ensuing “crazy” comment
  • Libby
  • I’ve been saying since the beginning of the Libby/Hurley romance that the two knew one another in the past (and that she might have be crazy). I thought perhaps she was a nurse or doctor at the hospital. Didn’t think she’d be a patient, but it makes perfect sense.

    She probably crushed on him during their mutual stay. And she re-made herself as a therapist on the island because she’s obviously smart (and crazy) enough to have all the lingo at her disposal.


    I can’t wait to see how far down the rabbit hole this goes.

    And maybe, just maybe, she saw the slipper (and Dave) too!

  • Henry Gale
  • The hardest working man in show business!

    Seriously, I could not be that actor. All the bruising make-up and endless hours shooting on one set. Guh!

    I love what a chameleon he is. Always talking in circles. Always letting out a little bit of line and making it appear like a mistake.

    I’m now firmly in the camp that believes that, not only is he an “other”, he let himself get caught. And not to escape other “others” but to infiltrate the lostaways and destroy them from within.

    I don’t buy his speech to Locke about the computer, even though it seems like an attractive scenario and supportive of several popular theories about the purpose of the island and the Dharma Initiative, because I think he’s the Tommy Flanagan of Lost: always lying when his lips are moving.

That’s all I’ve got. Next week seems like a doozy.

We’re led to believe that Henry knows about Walt, but I wonder if a Lostaway says the name first and he just uses it. So Meta. Now I’m speculating if a particular character knows that another character knows that the first character knows that the second character knows ad infinitum.


On to sleep and next week’s Lost.

6 thoughts on “Lost: Dave

  1. Did you notice how Dave asked Hurley if he had seen the numbers guy (from the looney bin) on the Island and Hurley says yes in the hatch? Did I miss something?

  2. I’m completely torn about Henry’s computer story. When I watched that episode where we all see the hieroglyphs, the first thing I thought was that the timer reset itself. But… Henry’s a liar, too. Who knows? I’m too psyched about Libby’s reveal as a patient! WOO! Cynthia Watros can play brillant/crazy like nobody’s business.

    I’m going ahead and calling it on the waaaaay off-chance that I’m right [I’ve called out weirder things that ended up being right on Lost]: Wouldn’t it be weird if Libby actually was a DI plant that’s been working Hurley since the hospital? [Yeah, I’m crazy. Crazy like a fox.]

  3. dpb, I thought that Dave meant that at first but he was actually asking if Hurley had seen the Numbers anywhere else. I’m pretty sure.

  4. paul says:

    RE: having seen the numbers guy from the loony bin:

    yeah, i was thinking the same thing, that he meant the guy, but i believe he is talking about the numbers on the side of the hatch….

  5. paul says:


    i trhought it was quite interesting (dave episode) for a while i had a theory that it was gonna pan out like a movie i have seen, identity, with john cusak, ray liotta and others…. very simular to what dave was saying to hurly was going on. anybody else seen that movie/agree?

  6. This is Nate’s friend Matt… he told me about your blog after we watched some lost together. You have some very interesting and complex thoughts on lost!! I agree that Henry is a lie-machine. If he were telling the truth to Lock about not entering those numbers why did he already have them memorized? My guess is the others are punching in the numbers religiously in their own bunkers as well. I think Henry is only truly afraid of Sayid (sp), but he’s such a good liar that even that could be an act. Yet another question is how crazy is Libby, and are her intentions, a.) good, b.) bad, or c.) just flat out loony tunes? Hurley and his numbers are a cornerstone of the show so his connection with Libby have definitely perked my interest.

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