Nestle Stixx

The proof is in the Nestle Stixx. In my case, Nestle Crunch Stixx.

Thanks to Brian at the Candy Addict blog, I got my FREE Nestle Crunch Stixx in the mail today.

Goofy dude on the mailing label:

Mailer contents:

The items on the left are magnets – magnetic poetry and happy stixx customers. The box of 6 individually wrapped Stixx is on the right.

And it’s Stixx, not Styx.

Pass it on!

I’ll have a full review when I try the Stixx. For now, I’m just excited I got a freebie in the mail. And it’s CANDY!

5 thoughts on “Nestle Stixx

  1. Pat says:

    Keep making dark chocolate products. I’ve been a fan of Nestle Crunch since I was a little girl (I’m in my 50’s now!!) & love the fact that you are now using dark chocolate. Thank you.

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