NCTA 2006 Day 1

Well, technically, Day 2 but since I’m in Atlanta and the NCTA 2006 National Show is going on at the Georgia World Congress Center, I skipped the Sunday sessions.

Good, informative sessions today. Well-attended keynote. Stellar floor show.

Below are some pics I snapped of the “celebrities” in attendance:

Oksana Baiul
Oksana Baiul

X-Play‘s Morgan Webb & my co-worker Bill
Bill & Morgan Webb

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

Seen but not photographed:

  • Morgan Fairchild
  • Bode Miller
  • Kennedy (Former MTV Vee-Jay)

More pictures and a full recap of the conference and session tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “NCTA 2006 Day 1

  1. Dude. Shut. Up.

    I saw Mark Cuban at a club in San Antonio last week, and if I could muster the motivation to finish the damn blog entry you could read all about it.

  2. Yeah, Morgan looked very good in person and was quite nice and courteous. I didn’t take a picture of Adam Sessler, but my co-worker Bill and I asked him if he gets tired of her getting all the attention.

    He confided that a lot of dudes ask him for free video games after they chat up Morgan. Weird.

    I’ll try and blog more about Mark Cuban, since I did have a brief discussion with him on the show floor.

    Unfortunately, Tuesday was celeb-lite and I didn’t snap any photos. Sorry.

  3. BJ Wanlund says:

    KENNEDY?! You did not! If you didn’t snap a pic, I wouldn’t believe you!

    Oh man…where was Ms. Kennedy? The GSN booth?

  4. Meeting Mark Cuban…

    Initially this post was entitled “NCTA 2006 Day 2″ (a companion post to “NCTA 2006 Day 1“) but since nothing happened on the second day – no pictures of the rich and famous, no cool speakers – I’ve decided to share the sto…

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