Lost: ?

An Eko/Locke love-fest of an episode that vacillated between skepticism and faith. Rock on.

Plus, more embedded clues to the Lost Experience in a new Hanso Foundation ad, featuring sublymonal. Yummy. Check my previous post for all the latest clues.

My thoughts:

  • Visions
  • Eko is having them (and acting on them), Locke is having them (and he gets to be Eko) and Yemi is everywhere, even in the visions of the dead/alive “miracle” drowned girl.

    I want the visions.

    Seriously, it leads to the great conclusionary discussion between Eko and Locke on the “meaning” of their existence, among other things.

    Oh, and Eko’s fast-paced dream sequence is just a condensed series of shots that recaps his events on the island and juxtaposes Locke and the creepy Orientation narrator together. Foreshadowing.

  • Station 5 – the Pearl
  • Did anybody else see the literal question mark Eko saw or did you read it as just a circle. Or, like me, did you see some kind of angelic halo (the Virgin Mary? Christ?) with the plane serving a crucifix? Just checking.

    Funny how Locke read the message as a clear sign that he’d been played as he has so many times in the past and Eko completely disregarded the message. Faith, man. Faith.

    Plus, the initial view of the hatch is an awful lot like sublymonal.

  • Sawyer’s stash
  • Brilliant. Convince folks you’ve got secret hiding places for all that junk when it was under their noses all along.

    Plus, how would he have hidden it other places? Wouldn’t someone have noticed?

    Again, brilliant.

  • Libby
  • Ok, so good call on her being only mostly dead last week. But come on. The “Aliens” wake up and the one-word death throe barely vocalizing “Michael” is almost too easy for this show.

It looks like we’ve got a button-pushing incident brewing on the horizon, some great, recent Michael flashbacks and a confrontation next week.


6 thoughts on “Lost: ?

  1. I spoke too soon. Looks like there’s no definitive answer on what the shape is or what Eko saw. [He said both.] Someone has brought up, though, that the question mark isn’t [most likely] the Pearl. Look on the blast door map and the Pearl station is referenced waaay over to the right. Right next to what’s labelled C4. That might turn out to be the Pearl.

  2. veryfunny 2 says:

    Having Eko’s brother in the wheelchair was an obivious hint that in the dream he was really John – BUT – did you also notice how Eko was limping as well?

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    Ok, so I’ve been meaning to do this update all day but sometimes my day job gets in the way of my blogging. Damn the man!
    So it’s been pointed out to me that the OB:EY message on The Hanso Foundation website leading to subLYMONal is actual…

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