OB:EY and other Hanso Foundation and Lost goodies

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to do this update all day but sometimes my day job gets in the way of my blogging. Damn the man!

So it’s been pointed out to me that the OB:EY message on The Hanso Foundation website leading to subLYMONal is actually a very clever and discrete viral/guerrilla marketing tactic from the folks at Sprite.

Let that one sink in.

Obey (your thirst).
Lymon (Lime and Lemon).
A subliminal message.


Were it not for the fact that it’s incredibly saavy and the fountain of clues (Heir Apparent) for the Lost Experience, I’d hate myself for falling for it.

An astute co-worker of mine even spotted the very brief “paid for by Sprite ©” line that appeared in last night’s Hanso Foundation ad touting sublymonal.com.

So well done, Sprite. I will be obeying my thirst during next week’s penultimate episode.

Okay, so that’s the only real echo of an update to yesterday’s post, but I did miss a few thing’s in last night’s recap that also bear mentioning:

  • Marvin Candle/Mark Wickman
  • Okay, so he looks like the same guy in the orientation films for each hatch, but last night he had lost his arm malady and he gave a different name. Could this be an echo of the Bad Twin meme?

    Or is he merely an actor meant to highten the experiment on all it’s levels? Remember some of the Others have stage make-up, maybe they got it from the set where the orientation videos were filmed on the island (conjecture/wild theory)

  • Psychic Dad
  • Richard Malkin, astrological adviser to Claire and Papal deterrent to Eko. He sent two people to the island because of his actions.

Special thanks to RSL/Ostracons for his two great posts. As soon as I redesign this festering blog heap, you’re getting a permalink.

If this blog morphs into a purely Lost blog (in about 5 seconds), I know where I’m getting some of my scoops.

Alright. Rich, creamy bloggy goodness soon. Until then, LOST!

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