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So the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy last night was one of the better cliffhanger style season finales I’ve seen in a while. And though the writing can be a bit flaky at times and the use of music a tad cloying or used as a crutch buttressing the drama, the actors in this show are top notch.

Katherine Heigl (Izzy) and T.R. Knight (George) were especially good last night and how about the faces Sara Ramirez (Callie) made when she walked in on Meredith and McDreamy or the anguish on Isaiah Washington’s (Burke) face. Golden.

So, in lieu of my fanboy gushing or a recap, here are some fun, timely Grey’s Anatomy-related links:

Enjoy the links. Hopefully, they’ll keep you sated over the long Summer months of re-runs.

We can always hope that ABC will take their already intriguing internet strategy for Grey’s Anatomy (broadband video, blogs, podcasts) and think like NBC and put up some internet-only content a la those “deleted scenes” they’ve been showing on Good Morning America.

Oh, and is anyone interested or concerned about the looming spectre/obvious boondoggle/potential mcguffin that is a la carte cable television? Just curious.

3 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Their moving it? That seriously blows! The double whammy of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy was the prefect end to a weekend, now it’s going to be up against My Name is Earl and The Office on NBC (if they stay in current timeslots) and whatever else FOX and CBS throw up (most likely The OC and CSI)

    Looks like I’ll be needing the dual tuner tivo for the fall lineup

  2. Kailden says:

    Grey’s Anatomy so totally jumped the shark with its season finale–but I guess you could say it broke records as far as totally moving everything to a point of depression and removing all reality from the drama and moving the main relationship back to where it started. I probably won’t be tuning in to what I thought was a decent show at the outset of this season.

  3. Josh says:

    And don’t forget Sorkin’s new show on NBC with Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, and the guy from West Wing on Thurs. at 9. Yikes!

    I’m on board with a-la carte programming, we’re busy enough to have to weed through 100 plus channels on Direct TV to find the 8-10 we focus on.

    By the way, thumbs up to ABC for block-scheduling Lost next fall, a la 24. No more repeats, but I wonder if they’ll still throw in those “recap” hours with the voiceover guy from the Justice League 70s cartoon. I swear I though I was going to hear “Meanwhile, at the Hall of Doom…” during the last recap.

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