My last Hanso Foundation post (for now)

Tonight I’m posting my last full post solely devoted to the Lost Experience alternate reality game or the Hanso Foundation. Mine is not a solely Lost-centric blog, despite recent evidence to the contrary, especially all the Hanso-blogging I’ve done lately [one] [two] [three], but it doesn’t have to be that way.

From now on, I’m just going to be updating my Lost recaps with Lost Experience clues as I find them interesting and engaging. Besides, I’d be posting 3 times a day with bits and pieces of internet flotsam sure to reveal the grand design of JJ Abrams et al.

It’s exhausting just playing the game, let along blogging it. So I give up (a little).

I’ll likely still read and blog about Bad Twin once I read it. And, again, I’m covering the game in the recap posts, but I gotta sleep and eat.

So, just so you don’t think I hate you, here are some essential links for those similarly obsessed with Lost, the Lost Experience, The Hanso Foundation, subLYMONal and whatever else they dream up.

God help us all.

Helpful fan sites:

Official Lost Experience sites:

Fake sites:

My best piece of advice is to follow the Lost Experience site and Lostpedia religiously and keep taking cues from the Hanso Foundation RSS feed and the Hanso Foundation ads on-air.

Other than that, come back here tomorrow night and I’ll mention any new developments in my episode recaps.

Unless I decide to give in to my inner fanboy and start posting every email, theory and stupid clue that passes by my eyes.

Until tomorrow night.

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