Lost: Three Minutes

Honestly, Three Minutes was a rather slow Lost episode in the vein of the bulk of this season. We didn’t learn too much, per se, but it sets up the two-hour season finale next week.

Buckle up, here are my thoughts:

  • Charlie
  • Tonight was a huge night for Charlie. He lost a friend in Eko, he overcame a demon in the form of the Virgin Mary heroine and Claire trusted him enough to hold his hand and not judge him concerning the antidote.

    Score one for Charlie (overall).

    I’m really hopeful that Season 3 sees more development of Charlie. His character started out so broken and has been through so much turmoil just on the island, it’d be great to see more of him.

  • Eko’s purpose
  • What did he see in the Pearl station of his Yemi visions that has him so sure about his purpose and the pushing of the numbers?

    My opinion: he’s very susceptible to suggestion now that his 40-day repentance is over and Ana Lucia is dead. Eko is the new Locke and that scares me. Could he also be the new Michael, willing to compromise others for what he perceives as his own gain?

  • Locke
  • I don’t think he makes an appearance in the finale and I think we don’t see him until the mid-point of next season. I think he’s off to form some kind of alliance with Rousseau.

    Why? She has the characteristics of both a scientist (her former job) and a zealot (her behavior/attitude toward the island). Locke is the same way. He started out as a faithful servant to the island’s will and now, given what he believes is objective evidence, he’s a skeptic.

    Mark it down: Locke/Rousseau alliance in Season 3.

  • Last names
  • What was Libby’s last name? Was it Widmore?

    Is Cortez (Ana Lucia) a clue?

    Why the full, Christian names on the Others’ roster?

  • 9 days supply of serum
  • 9 times 24 is 216, which is twice 108, the sum of the numbers. That shit is everywhere.


  • Alec/Alex Rousseau
  • Interesting to note her close involvement in the dealings of the Others.

    Why wasn’t Rousseau ever given a task like Michael’s in exchange for her child?

  • Walt
  • “They’re not who they say they are!”
    No shit.

    “I love you!”
    Perhaps more important than the first quote?

  • www.letyourcompassguideyou.com
  • Jeep-sponsored.


    1. permissum vestri complector rector vos
    2. Latin page title of the site. Translations and theories welcome.

    3. Compass
    4. Click 108 to get the bash shell message.

    5. 36
    6. The compass is notched at 36 degree increments, or ten places about the circle. One occurs at both 108 and 216.

    7. Silhouette
    8. The woman silhouetted on the compass looks like the woman from the opening animation on the Hanso Foundation website.


    10. IP Address for the Hanso Foundation website.

    11. D19FFTR731
    12. Ubiquitous Dharma Initiative code that appears on the compass.

And I’m spent.

Updates as I’m so inclined. Get some sleep and then back to thinking about Lost.

UPDATE: I fixed the D19FFTR731 code. I mistyped it earlier.

And all the commenters are right, Locke is in the finale, but I stand by my prediction that he and Rousseau are teaming up and that Locke spends some time alone in his quest for self-discovery.

Additionally, the RSS Feed points to Hugh McIntyre’s bio today and there are clues in the user folders of Peter Thompson and Hugh McIntyre on letyourcompassguideyou.com.

Also, themouthpiece. You’ll figure it out.


16 thoughts on “Lost: Three Minutes

  1. JLG says:

    I dont understand why you would say that Jhon Locke is not going to be in the season finale!!!
    It says it on the description of the episode on the abc website. It says: Jhone Locke makes a cataclysmic decision about the button and the hatch.
    And i know Jhon Locke is a crucial part of the show so i know he is going to be a main charecter in the 3 season.

    Also i believe that Desmond was on that boat that they saw at the end of the episode!!!

  2. Seth, great call on the Locke/Rousseau alliance. I think it dovetails nicely with my theory on the Others/Lostaways joining forces against the real enemy [read: Hanso and pals] next season. But did Sawyer James Ford really say Libby’s last name? I missed it if he did.

    As for the Latin, it translates to “Let your compass be your guide”, roughly. While I like the visual style of the Jeep ads for this round, it doesn’t reach the greatness of the subtle, almost invisible Sprite-ness of the sublymonal.com site from last week.

    Uh… JLG, it looks like John Locke [if you insist on calling him by his full name] smashes the Dharmatel ‘puter to pieces. Check out the trailer if you don’t believe me. That meshes real nicely with Locke running off to hermitize himself with Rousseau, whose middle name will turn out to be Helen.

  3. michael will lead them into a trap.. sayid will follow behind them , then in season three he will save the day….at least thats what i think will happen

  4. 9 times 24 is 216, which is twice 108, the sum of the numbers. That shit is everywhere.


    Your dedication and knowledge of this show blows my mind.

  5. Thanks, Duane.

    I just watch the show assuming that everything anyone says at any time is a potential clue. Then I sift through my notes, see the patterns and blog it.

    Besides, taking an injection of some serum every 9 days seems pretty arbitrary, so I did the math.

    4+8+15+16+23+42 == 108
    9×24 == 216
    108×2 == 216

  6. veryfunny 2 says:

    Couple of questions:
    1.What was the symbol Michael saw on the door of the others hatch? We already have the pearl, the swan, etc. Which one was this one?
    2.Great call on the 9 days prescription being a possible tie in to the overall numerology of the show. Does anyone else see this so obvious ploy of someone just blindly taking a “antidote” they found in a case that dropped out of a plane? Would you take it? I think not – not with all the other crazy shit that’s happend on that island. We’re being set up for something to be in that serum.
    3.I know you guys think that the others and the Lostaways will join forces against the Hanso foundation but what if the “Others” ARE the leftovers of the Hanso foundation? Clues: Walt: “They have me taking tests!” and “They’re not who they seem to be!”

    BTW – now that we know that last week’s Hanso ad was sponsored by Sprite with the “sponsored by Sprite” text in the commercial – I didn’t even get goose bumps this time when I saw the same thing – “sponsored by Jeep” – in white text in the commercial. It’s been done.

  7. 1. Michael didn’t know what Sawyer’s real name was, but he knew who Hugo Reyes was? I don’t remember Hurley telling his real name to anyone but Jack, I think… can anyone confirm this?

    2. I was listening to the Generally Speaking podcast and they said there that now that Charlie’s reached redemption, he’ll probably die. Sounds about right…

    3. I about wanted to smack One-Note-Michael for not paying ANY attention to what people were telling him about Walt. I am now rooting for Michael to get shot by the Others in the finale. Jaysus, he’s annoying.

    4. Jack is Sawyer’s best friend?! OY, that’s sad.

  8. Randall says:

    Locke is defintely in the finale. The TV Guide preview says Locke and Eko come to blows over the button.
    My money would be on Eko and the Jesus stick, but the preview did show the clock get to 0’s again.

  9. Christine P says:

    Okay, the degrees on the compass site are number sequence code like in the math tests “what number comes next in the sequence”. Anyways, they meet at 180 degrees which is due south…Okay so due South of what? Last weeks website, sublymonol, takes you to berrbabesbikes.com, which is based out of kansas city, mo. South of kc or what? Also, I got a translation of “allow your embrace to convey _____”(can’t define ros yet) for the Latin which ties in with the commercials telling us to embrace the future or that Hanso is embracing the future or something similar to that. Anyone have any thoughts on who Hugh mcIntrye is cause there’s no bio pic on him. Also Alvar Hanso reminds me of either Jacks dad, (mr. missing dead body) or John’s dad. Curiouser and curiouser said Alice. Anyhow thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.

  10. Kathleen says:

    What happened in the last minutes of the show after Sun saw the boat? My tape cut off—dang these shows that run over 60 min.

  11. halogen3 says:

    It’s obvious Walt knows something the Others don’t want him to disclose (“Walt – do you want to go back into the ‘room'”). Why does Michael believe they will free Walt when he knows too much?

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