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Maybe Cyan Bane is right. Maybe Lost will jump the shark not because of anything on the show itself, but because of the proliferation of non-Televised content on other mediums.

Think the Lost game was a bad idea? (Me: NO; Cyan: Yes). Either way, I think the addition of mobisodes to the mix is neither surprising nor groundbreaking.

I do have three questions, though:

  1. Will the Lost mobisodes also appear on broadband, VOD, ABC.com?
  2. Since all the rest of the Lost brand extensions are considered canonical, I don’t want to miss out on potential story arcs and plot-points just because I have a Cingular phone and not T-Mobile or some other carrier. Hopefully, the mobisodes are also webisodes.

  3. Will we see sponsorship integration like the Lost Experience?
  4. Harder to pull off on a cellphone screen, but still possible. I’m just curious if the mobisodes are more about storylines that couldn’t be fully developed/shown on air (new ideas) or are they merely deleted scenes and expansions of what we already know.

  5. How much of ALL the Lost stories is truly written?
  6. Yes I’ve heard (and repeated) the “trip to China” analogy. Briefly: Lost is like a trip to China; the producers know the starting line and the destination and are taking us on many side journeys, but they can get us to the church on time if need be.

    I wonder how many stories can be explored before the well runs dry. How connected are all the Lostaways? How super-shadowy and all-conspiracy-encompassing is the Hanso Foundation? How many platforms/media can Lost support (or can support Lost)?

I suppose we’ll find out more soon. Until then, 2-hour season finale tomorrow night. Be here for the exciting recap.

5 thoughts on “Lost mobisodes

  1. Stacey says:

    Man, if you weren’t already married, I would hunt you down and marry you! I love that I can read someone else’s thoughts and theories on my fav show. I have just recently discovered all the blogs and sites on the internet that pertain to Lost, the Hanso Foundation, The Dharma Initiative, etc… My job has suffered terribly since I can’t stop reading your blog and hitting the other sites. I think I am just hungry for some other peoples’ opinions on Lost. It’s strange though, my home computer is down and I have to access everything from work. For some reason, my flash doesn’t work on the Hanso Foundation’s site. I get the intro without the leaf making the “o” in Hanso, then it goes to a page with blocks, but the blocks are blank. The only thing that shows up on that page is the RSS button and it gives the Peter Thompson info. I don’t have any trouble with any other site, but that one.
    I do have someone to watch with. My blue collar boyfriend can’t even stay awake to watch an entire episode, let alone have a discussion about it. Plus I think he has adult ADD, and he would get really frustrated when they showed a repeat. He has no idea of the sublymonal content of the show, especially lately. I have even seen the Hanso commercial on other shows on ABC.
    Last weeks episode really got to me. As I was sitting in my home watching, it started to rain, and I mean rain hard. There was some distant thunder and lightining, but nothing close. But, as I was watching, my dining room light, which was on bright, dimmed so low….it was freaky. Then about two minutes later, the light on my ceiling fan in my living room came on….all by itself. I tried to wake the snoring boyfriend, to no avail. The next morning, when I told him what happened, he looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I am.
    It was probably all coincidence.
    I can’t wait to visit this blog tomorrow, after the season finale. I hope ABC does this reality game thing. I would buy it.

  2. Hugh McIntyre on Jimmy Kimmel tonight…

    Do the producers of Lost know no bounds?
    Will the “story” of the Lost Experience play out on every single media device and platform I own?
    Is it possiblle for me to blog about anything else besides Lost?
    Ok, so enough with the rhetorical, h…

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