Hugh McIntyre on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

Do the producers of Lost know no bounds?

Will the “story” of the Lost Experience play out on every single media device and platform I own?

Is it possiblle for me to blog about anything else besides Lost?

Ok, so enough with the rhetorical, here’s the deal: Hugh McIntyre will appear on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

You read correctly, just like Amazon’s interview with “author” Gary Troup, Hugh McIntyre of the Hanso Foundation will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show after the 2-hour Lost finale.

I don’t normally watch Jimmy Kimmel, despite the fact that I’m up late, but I’ll be TiVo-ing tonight’s episode.

God, am I the biggest sucker for Lost or what?

Ok, back here tonight after the finale for the recap.

[Via TV Squad]

UPDATE: Not minutes after I posted, I was listening to this week’s official Lost podcast and Damen Lindelof and Carlton Cuse mentioned the Hanso Foundation as if it were a real organization.

They cop to writing Bad Twin as a Lost tie-in, but they’re playing up the Hanso Foundation tv and newspaper ads and the PR push as actual, real-world events. They’re taking this alternate reality game, the Lost Experience, very seriously.

They also briefly mention filming mobisodes, for those who read my earlier post.

UPDATE II: Lost figurines from Spawn-creator/Toy-maven Todd McFarlane.

Dear Lord, there is enough Lost news that I seriously need to stop using the internet.

UPDATE III: The video is now on YouTube.

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  1. Josh says:

    Well, I hope you have a national ABC feed through DirecTV or Comcast because WSB doesn’t air Jimmy Kimmel here in Atlanta on Channel 2. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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