Lost: Live Together, Die Alone

Wow! Tonight’s finale episode of Season 2 of Lost, Live Together, Die Alone, was fantastic.

Here goes:

  • Penny Widmore
  • Girlfriend of Desmond David Hume. Daughter of Charles Widmore. Last seen in Australia (I think) guarding a woman whom Christian Shepard claimed to be his daughter My bad, I’m confusing Penny with Lindsey.

    She tracked Desmond to L.A. prior to his trip around the world and, in the last scene, may have tracked him to the island.

    The Widmore family is rumored to have two branches – a U.S. and British – and may have been involved with the Hanso Foundation in the construction of the island hatches.

  • Libby
  • Her late husband’s boat, Elizabeth, was used by Desmond to get to the island. Could she be one of the theorized Dharma Initiative recruiters like the Australian psychic. It seems likely she brought at least Desmond and Hurley to the island.

  • “Tom”
  • We finally know the bearded, or rather fake bearded, man’s name. His companion is Bea Klugh. And it seems as though he plays second (or third) fiddle to Bea Klugh and Henry Gale.

  • Kelvin “Joe” Inman
  • Last seen teaching Sayid to be a torturer, he was the man who inhabited the hatch prior to Desmond with Radvinsky. Inman and Radvinsky produced the blacklight dharma map.

    The legacy of the Swan station was that someone was always going through the cycle of skeptic/belief/relief. First you questioned the numbers, then you did it, then you were happy some other poor sucker had to do it.

    Plus, how did Calvin get to the island?

  • The numbers
  • Demonstrably deadly. They brought Hurley to the island and they ward off the spectre of an electromagnetic pulse.

    Clearly we’ve only scratched the surface of what the numbers mean or how many places they’ll continue to be seen.

    26280 – the number of hours in three years – the amount of time Desmond was in the hatch. I’m sure it’s a derivative of the numbers, I just don’t know how yet.

Theories to consider:

  1. Left behind
  2. Per Desmond: the outside world is dead and the island is the last haven of humanity. Pretty much disproved by the final scenes.

  3. Bermuda triangle
  4. The electromagnetic pulse generated on the island shields it from discovery by outside forces. On the island, the Hanso Foundation through the Dharma Initiative is free to pursue it’s nefarious experiments.

  5. Inmates running the asylum
  6. Because of forces outside the control of Dharma/Hanso, outsiders have infiltrated the experiment and are actively trying to sabotage the work done there. I think some variant of this theme explains the “others” or “hostiles”. To wit, Henry Gale telling Michael that they’re the good guys.

  7. Banished by Charles Widmore
  8. Did Charles Widmore rig the race so that Desmond wound up on the island?

Points to ponder:

  1. Are Walt and Michael really free and will Michael talk?
  2. How much control does Hanso/Dharma still have and how much do the “others” have?
  3. What is up with the four-toed Colossus of Rhodes?
  4. What is the significance of Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend?

Finally, a Lost Experience update:

From the Hanso Foundation RSS Feed:

Board of Directors updated

~ Jacob Vanderfield ­ Liddy Wales ­ Dick Cheever ­ Lawrence Peck ­ Bill Flood ­ Sam Hicks

Plus: New URL: HansoCareers.com sponsored by Monster.com

More tomorrow as I continue to process and learn more about the show and the site.

UPDATE: The code from HansoCareers.com is an anagram that equates to “inmate asylum”. Now we just gotta figure out where to put it.

UPDATE II: Just use “inmate asylum” as the password on the board of directors page, no username.

Additional thoughts I didn’t mention last night:

  • What happened to Desmond/Locke/Eko?
  • Charlie made it out alive but he seemed to have some form of memory loss – he was asking if Locke and Eko were back yet. Doesn’t he remember what happened in the hatch?

    Also, could it be that he’s a ghost or apparition?

  • Jack’s look
  • What did Jack say with his non-verbal look to Kate and Sawyer just before they were hooded again? Were we privvy to the “plan” Jack had (Sayid on the boat) or was there another plan we don’t know about?

One last thing, I swear. What does everyone think of the bird that said Hurley’s name?

30 thoughts on “Lost: Live Together, Die Alone

  1. Twitchy says:

    enter “inmate” as login and
    “inmate asylum” as password on the board of directors page to have Persephone tell that everyone at the Hanso Foundation is corrupt. Like you didn’t already know that.

  2. I think they’re on some kind of Simpson’s island where the previous inhabitants were four fingered/toed and they are part of an evolution experiment.

    When does the next season start? Soon I hope.

  3. Here’s what I don’t get. Does Henry Gale (btw, shocked to find him in control) want or not want the numbers entered and the button pushed? If he does, then why did he tell Locke that he didn’t do it? If he doesn’t, why did he do it when Locke was stuck? He had to have entered them else the sliverware would have been all stuck to the wall … The only explination I’ve been able to come up with is that Gale does not want the button pushed, but it was not the right time to not push it whilst he was in the hatch.

    Other than that… freaking awesome episode. I was totally floored when they showed people not on the island at the very end. I was wondering how they were going to top last year’s season finale. Mission Accomplished.

  4. joe says:

    What a great episode!!!!!!! I really hope tho that Jhon Locke and Desmond and Mr.Eko is not dead.Wouldent the whole island be evaperated if the blast was realy that big. And also why did the sky turn that color when the(“Hatch exploded” or somthing else).

    Other then that great episode and i cant wait for next season!!!!

  5. LP says:

    I don’t think that Charlie can be an apparation or ghost — or if he is, he’s a particularly solid one, judging by the erm, contact between him and Claire.

  6. Based on Kelvin/Joe’s reasons for leaving the army, I presumed that he joined the Dharma Initiative out of guilt or something for all the torture and wrongdoing he did in the army.

    I can’t believe that Henry actually handed over Walt. 1. “They’ll never give you Walt”. 2. What was that bit about Walt “appearing” in places where he actually wasnt? I know it’s dicey but it just seemed too weird to me.

  7. Kay says:

    Well, Walt did appear to Sharon several times, but that still doesn’t really explain why or how.

    As far as Henry and pushing the button, maybe he doesn’t want them to push the button and that’s why he lied about pushing it, but he also may know what happens if it’s not pushed and of course wouldn’t want to be there when that happens. That would explain why he still entered the numbers while he was there.

  8. When I asked what the bit about Walt appearing was, I meant that I think that might be what’s going on now. That Walt on the boat with Michael is some sort of apparition/projection.

  9. Couple of things: Desmond and Henry Gale are both joining the regular cast next year, from what I hear. So presumably Desmond, John and Eko are all fine.

    What was Libby’s husband’s name? David. What was Hurley’s imaginary friend’s name? David.

    I don’t buy that Michael and Walt can just leave because they can keep their mouths shut. Won’t they raise questions about the fate of Oceanic 815 and their whereabouts for two months? We’re not through with them yet.

    If Desmond accidentally brought the plane down, why are the Others so seemingly well-equipped and prepared to deal with a bunch of unknowing visitors? Is Tom’s mask and everything just for the sake of Rousseau?

    1. The Black Rock, 2. Colossal Foot, 3. Trilithon. These are just some of the anachronisms on the island.

    I hope to God we don’t start spending a bunch of time back in the regular world on this show (outside of flashbacks). This is why that last scene scares me so much.

  10. terriblylost says:

    What did you think of Hugh McIntyre’s “interview” on Jimmy Kimmel show last night? I thought it was very weird. Either the actor that they hired to play him just wasn’t very convincing or they meant to have him seem so imcompetent because he isn’t really Hugh and they put in a replacement. Also, the finale set up for next season to bring in new regular characters…something is going to happen because of the “incident”. Maybe another plane or boat crash?

  11. Kay says:

    I don’t really think Desmond is fully responsible for the plane crash. Sure, a powerful electromagnet like that can probably bring down a plane, but there are other circumstances to consider. The plane was already way off course to begin with, so what caused it to even fly over the island? And it seems like everyone on that island is there for a reason, and it’s not just a coincidence.

    I also don’t think Locke and possibly Eko and Desmond are dead. Locke especially is too important a character on the show to get rid of him now. And with his loss of faith in the button there are a lot of new interesting character traits to explore.

  12. Shari says:

    The letters of HANSO scrambled= NOAHs.

    Noah, the one man left ..”The good one”

    on that note…A comment from ‘the other” that Anna Lucia killed (his name begins with a G) when she asked him why they only took the kids>>
    They only take the ‘good ones.’

    The Hanso foundation is involved with life extension experiments. Purhaps the same technology will be used to actually revive those who are “dead”? It seems such a waste to develop Anna’s character only to kill her off so soon. Maybe Jack’s father is not dead and that is why he appeared to Jack just as Walt appeared to Shannon. Did Jack ever find his Dad’s body? When they found the tail section (where the casket was) they encountered the monster.
    What is that thing?? What is the black cloud thing that Eco faced? Same thing?

    Meanwhile..we have never had a flashback on the inter racial couple. Maybe there is a connection to Rose and Miss Clugh> who oddly speaks just like Rose.

    Michael was given a compass to find his way off the island by boat…something that apparently can only be done using the exact coordinates ‘Henry Gale’ gave him since we have already seen 2 boats try
    and fail. A compass however works by electromagnetics. The electromagnetic incident may render Michael’s compass useless preventing him from leaving. If in fact he was able to leave in the first place.

    In answer to the look between Jack and Kate..maybe they both saw Sayed in the distance coming to help them?

    They gave us more information in this one episode than they have disclosed over several seasons. It is about time!!

    I Love this show!!

  13. joe says:

    Yea KAY you are totaly right!!! I beliveve that Jhon Locke is NOT dead etither because he is a very impotant plot to the story!!!! And he is my favorite charecter!!!:D

  14. Mason says:

    Rose and Bernard were in a Flashback this season. That is how we learned about the “healer” in the Outback. We know she had cancer, was terminal, and now that she is on the island she is fine.

    Kate slowly “blinked” so she was acknowledging something. Hurley looked at Jack and Jack nodded at him to do what the “others” told him to do.

    Walt is often where he is not supposed to be. Seems like Michael actually saw Walt in New York (prior to the car accident?). Walt does make things happen…polar bear, bird, and then there is Henry’s comment that “we got more than we bargined for when we got Walt.”

    Not sure about the “ruins” yet. Have to think on those.

    Pretty sure that Charlie is solid. I think that he is having just suffering from the concussion of the blast. I think he just thought Eko and John being such good trackers would have been back at the beach before him.

    Lots to digest. Thanks for all the Hanso/Widmore information. I think that Pen being a stockholder (chairwoman if daddy is out?) would know about the inative. The caller just said that they located the source….like they were just sitting there expecting it. Not something more like “we found him….we might have found him” nothing implacating Des at all.

    Matt Fox has said nobody is really safe…..also the actors get their scripts much like soap operas do,….not long in advance. Pleanty of time to change. 2 seasons in…watch the news see who is doing contract negotiations….that will give us some clues.

  15. LOST 2nd Season Finale: Penny for your Widmore…

    The LOST finale established a bunch of major plot points. (Spoilers after the Macho Trio.) Tres Amigos y sus armas, muy macho. They’re not in purgatory. They’re not in a post-apocalyptic future. The Swan Station Hatch, computer, and electromagnet wer…

  16. Kay says:

    I hope next season we find out something I’ve been wondering since the beginning: How did Locke get handicapped and end up in a wheelchair? That’s another reason why I think he’s still alive, we still have a lot to learn about him.

    And Locke is one of my favorite characters too, Joe. Locke rocks!

  17. Ron Hughes says:

    Answers / clues, that may be found in Dikens’ book!

    “In Our Mutual Friend one of the characters is thought to be dead, but really isn’t. In The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Dickens’s last novel, Edwin Drood disappears. Was Drood murdered? People believe so but no body is ever found.

    Was Dickens planning to use the same plot twist that he’d used in Our Mutual Friend? Perhaps, just like the character in Our Mutual Friend, Edwin Drood wasn’t really dead. We’ll never know. Dickens died before The Mystery of Edwin Drood was completed.

    There is a lot of speculation about how The Mystery of Edwin Drood was to have ended. Dickens didn’t leave any notes outlining the plot so no one will ever really know what he intended.
    One of the most popular beliefs is that John Jasper, Edwin’s uncle, is the murderer. Jasper lead the double life of a choirmaster and opium addict. He was also in love with Rosa Bud, the woman his nephew was to marry. Conversations Dickens had before he died seem to support this theory. John Forester, his good friend, said Dickens told him that Jasper had indeed murdered Drood. Dickens’ son, Charley, also stated that his father told him Drood really was dead.

    Some people speculate that Edwin Drood, like John Harmon in Our Mutual Friend, wasn’t really dead. The fact that Edwin’s body was never found adds weight to this theory.

    As mentioned earlier, John Jasper lead a double life. “You are always training yourself to be, mind and body, as clear as crystal, and you always are, and never change; whereas I am a muddy, solitary, moping weed,” he says to Mr. Crisparkle. Little did Mr. Crisparkle know the truth of that statement.

    Dickens used this theme in Our Mutual Friend as well. In that novel the respectable Mr. Bradley Headstone is not all that he appears. To some extent the same could be said for Dickens himself. He was always careful to keep his relationship with Ellen Ternan a secret from the public.

    One of the themes of the novel is the corruption that wealth can bring. Bella Wilfer undergoes great changes during the novel as she deals with this issue. Toward the beginning of the novel she declares, “I have made up my mind that I must have money, Pa. I feel that I can’t beg it, borrow it, or steal it; and so I have resolved that I must marry it.”

    Later in the book her feelings change. “O Mr. Rokesmith, before you go, if you could but make me poor again! O! Make me poor again, Somebody, I beg and pray, or my heart will break if this goes on! Pa, dear, make me poor again and take me home! I was bad enough there, but I have been so much worse here. Don’t give me money, Mr. Boffin, I won’t have money. Keep it away from me, and only let me speak to good little Pa, and lay my head upon his shoulder, and tell him all my griefs. Nobody else can understand me, nobody else can comfort me, nobody else knows how unworthy I am, and yet can love me like a little child. I am better with Pa than any one–more innocent, more sorry, more glad!”

    The Staplehurst Railway Accident

    When help finally arrived and the accident scene was being evacuated Dickens remembered something. There was still something in his train compartment that he needed. He made his way back into the wrecked train one last time to retrieve the latest installment of Our Mutual Friend, the novel he was writing at the time.”

  18. diggity says:

    In the Rose and Bernard flashback, when Rose goes to the healer he explains a bit how the healings can happen. Something about laylines …ie that there are posts on earth where electromagnetic forces cross and are intensified. And where he was was in such a spot.
    Now, when Rose and Locke got to the island they both were healed. We first were lead to assume that it was because of something about the island itself, that perhaps it too fell upon one of these layline spots.

    However we learn that on pushing the button the hatch releases a small bit of electromagnetic energy. Thus that is the possible source of the energy like what the healer talked about, of what healed Locke and Rose. But Locke went into remission before, briefly – suggesting the healing is not constant or permanent.

    So…my question is…

    Is anyone concerned that, now that the hatch is blown…and the energy is released and gone, Locke and Rose will go back into remission?

  19. Melina says:

    This show is so good, I can’t believe we have to wait till Oct for the new season. My input is I think that the Pearl hatch is some how important because of all the camera and maybe it’s the main hatch in which they can find other hatchs via hidden tunnels. Does anybody have any idea why the island was as saying Elizabeth.?

  20. Patrick says:

    i love this show and i can’t wait till october but the one thing i worry about is that the show has rasied way too many questions and it will not be able to answer them all

  21. Pod says:

    Ok first off that was amazing,
    second and sorry if someones already mentioned this but the two people at the end who ring desmonds girlfriend, does anyone else think the one on the phone looks exaclty like Jack???? just pause it and take a look

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