Gmail Spam

I’m not one who normally blogs every little hiccup in their Gmail service. In fact, most of the time I have no problem reading or sending email from Gmail.

One minor complaint: I sometimes get that goofy “rogue script” pop-up when I try to attach a file using Firefox.

Come to think of it, I get a similar message uploading photos to Flickr via the web interface. Maybe it’s a Web 2.0 “feature”. Who knows?

Ok, so on to the post at hand: SPAM.

One of the great strenghts of Gmail, IMHO, is the quality and tenacity of its spam filter. In a given week I’m likely to self-identify only about a half dozen spam emails that made it past the filter. Seriously, one a day tops.

So I was unpleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning with 20 new emails, 18 of which were spam. If I had been more awake or cognizant of the situation, I’d have taken a screencap.

If continued performance is any indication, I may not have to wait too long until the queue is full of more spam. It’s like an explosion in the Hormel factory today.

Anyone know about spammers figuring out a solution to Gmail? Updates as I have more to rant about.

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