The Legion of Simpsons Heroes

About a year and a half ago I wrote what I thought was a pretty clever post comparing the Legion of Super-Heroes to Futurama.

Don’t look at me like that. Both are futuristic and have a cast of thousands. It works.

Well, I’m not the only joker with a penchant for the Legion and Matt Groening cartoons. Via Johanna, I found the geekiest mash-up of Simpsons toy figurines and Legionnaires: The Legion of Simpsons Heroes!

Plus, in the comments of adventure 247 post, we’re directed to yet another Simpsons/LoSH mash-up.

I guess the reason my idea died on the vine is my lack of Photoshop skills or DIY ethic. Maybe if I’d have put in a little extra effort, I’d be internet famous right now.

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