A Call To Arms

Man the phones, fire up the email and get pissed.

From Chris, the brother-in-law:

Hi Friends & Family,

I wanted to write a personal request for your help to defend our Constitution from mean-spirited political manipulations by the far-right wing. Please call or write your Senator to VOTE NO on the Federal Marriage Amendment that would write discrimination into our Constitution in an unprecedented way.

If you agree that the Constitution is a document that grants rights, not denys them, and if you feel that this is a waste of public resources and time when we face such more important issues, please help us defeat it now. All you have to do is enter your name and address at this link, and a message will be sent on your behalf. Please help!


Even as Bush came out today in favor of an Amendment denying millions of Americans, including several members of our family, their Constitutional right to form loving unions, it is clear that he himself is not even a staunch supporter. This is clearly just a brazen poltical act to cater to the far-right minority, and Bush should be rebuked for suggesting such frivolity when the country faces such serious problems at home and abroad.

The fundamentalist might think gays are the cause of all our social ills, but thankfully the rest of us are smarter, aren’t we? Shouldn’t we hold our elected officials to a higher standard and focus them on health care, poverty and cleaning up the awful mess in the middle east?

For some reason the fundamentalist right-wing think it is *their* Constitution, and they can therefore write in any form of discrimination into that sacred document that serves their scapegoat of the moment. It is gay and lesbian Americans right now, but it could be interracial familes next or divorcees or any other group the far-right decides to blame for “America’s demise” next. We have all of those (and more!) in this family, so I hope you’ll take a moment to oppose this inappropriate attack on one group of Americans. All Americans are equal and all Americans have the right to join with another in love.

We must stop this attack on the American spirit, and every gay or lesbian American I know are offended and hurt to yet again become the right-wing’s election year scapegoat. Can you imagine living under such public scrutiny season after season. It’s time the majority step up to be counted and put an end to this hateful rabble rousing in the name of partisan politics. Don’t these people have anything else better to work on? In their callous attitude, they are no better than Fred Phelps and his crew who keep protesting at military funerals because the gays have destroyed America.

This is so un-American in spirit and law, and so we are standing to be counted to oppose this. But we need your help. As the friend or family member of a gay and lesbian person, you know personally how this discrimination will impact someone you love. If you’re not sure, or want to discuss this, I’m happy to talk with anyone becasue all I’d like everyone to understand is that Love is Love. This Amendment is hateful.

Please take a moment to help, and thanks for your consideration.

With Love and Hope,


From Duane, the fellow blogger:

Dear Friend,

I hate mass emails, but this is important. Please, just send the
message now… I want to be a regular citizen!!!

Anti-gay groups are reigniting the battle in the Senate over the
so-called Marriage Protection Amendment. President Bush bowed
from pressure from these groups on June 5th when he stood in the
White House and encouraged the Senate to write discrmination
into the Constitution.

The Senate’s right-wing leadership has scheduled a vote on the
discriminatory FMA this week — and I know you want to stop them
as much as I do.

The Human Rights Campaign is asking fair-minded Americans
everywhere to speak out against this blatant attempt to restrict
the rights and liberties of GLBT Americans.

Take action today to let your Senators know that you oppose any
attempts to use Congress and the Constitution to harm same-sex
couples and their children. Click here to take action now:

Have at it!

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