Uncle Ted’s Stepchildren

After a long, family-bonding Saturday that saw a walk on the Silver Comet Trail (more on that tomorrow), some errand-running unity and a trip to buy Summer clothing before it’s off the shelves, we went to a late meal at Ted’s Montana Grill.

To me, with my TBS Very Funny hat, and Jenn, with her Cartoon Network t-shirt, it was like a family reunion of long-estranged or “by marriage” relatives. Ted started both our businesses, but he’s only involved with one nowadays.

Going to eat at his restaurant is like acknowledging the fact that your parents have a favorite child. And it isn’t you (natch).

So we all ate Bison:

I had the Bison short ribs.
Jenn had Bison meatloaf.
Rae had Bison pot roast.

Hell, I even had Bison Organic Red Ale. I’m told no actual Bison were harmed in the brewing.

It was one of the most splendid, savory meals we’ve had in a while. Plus – and here’s the advantage eating way late on a Saturday night – the wait staff was extremely courteous and the food was at our time in under 5 minutes post ordering.

As an added bonus, Rae was on her best behavior, no doubt because of her excellent nap and all that togetherness I mentioned earlier.

All told, one of better Saturdays as adults and parents.

Simple ingredients really, in both the day and the dinner. Just how we like it.

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  1. True Believer says:

    FWIW, the waiters at that restaurant are exceedingly polite no matter how busy it is. It’s one of my favorite places to eat downtown. They got every detail right with that place. Great food, great service, great ambience, great prices.

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