World Cup Fever

In just under an hour my co-workers and I will invade a conference room, tune the TV to ESPN2 and cheer like the rowdy hooligans we are, and we’ll do it all for the glory of United States Soccer.


Whatever the moniker given to the FIFA World Cup sport, I’m hooked!

This afternoon the U.S. team takes on the Czech Republic for our first match. I think the Czechs are favored, but the U.S. is actually ranked 5th in the world right now, so hopefully we can advance out of our group.

So, bring on the pizza.
Bring on the chanting.
Bring on the German hosts.
Bring on the Czech Republic.

Viva FIFA World Cup 2006!

GO U.S.A.!

UPDATE: That didn’t take long. 5 minutes in and the Czech giant Koller heads one in.

UPDATE II: The fever has broken but the dream is still very much alive. Go Ghana!

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