You know, there are just some times as a parent when you can’t find a camera fast enough and, honestly, if you had one, it wouldn’t do the moment justice.

Last night I experienced just such a moment.

I was doing my usual spate of late-night chores: cleaning the cat litter, closing all the blinds – when Raelyn yelled from our bathroom.


Over the sound of the blow-dryer I could hardly hear her holler, but she was persistent so I went to check it out.

In the bathroom I found the two of them, Jenn and Raelyn, laughing hysterically while Jenn was blow-drying Raelyn’s hair.

Instead of just standing passively and looking at herself in the mirror like she normally does, Raelyn was channelling Ozzy Osbourne and shaking her head from side to side. She looked like some kind of “No!”-obsessed whirling dervish, and she was laughing hysterically the entire time.

For her part, Jenn was holding the blow-dryer stock still and laughing at the scene before her: a wild blonde child having a great time throwing her hair around.

Raelyn had called me in so I could join in the fun. And while I don’t have the hair for headbanging of that kind, I shared a good laugh with them.

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