Spidey Spoiler?

Spoiler Alert!

In issue number 2 of Marvel’s Civil War comics event, released yesterday, Spider-man reveals his secret identity of Peter Parker to the press and general public!

What? You didn’t know and wanted to avoid the spoiler or any advanced knowledge?

You’d have to be living a cave.

Spoilers galore:

Blog@Newsaram uber-coverage:

Plus, we’ve got an official Marvel.com story and my first submission to the new Netscape Digg-alike.

I’ll admit to being an issue behind in reading my Spider titles and I plan to take a Father’s Day swing (ha!) to pick up my copy of this important issue of Civil War #2, but I’m not all that surprised.

Joe Quesada has been saying for months that he doesn’t like the status quo of Spider-man and the character seems, on the face of things, very unlikely to choose this path, so why not go for the gusto.

Does it spoil it for me knowing Spidey outs himself? Hardly. I’m much more interested in seeing how Marvel pulls this off going forward. The revelation, while salacious, is only the opening volley. I’m in for the match.

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