Fitting Father’s Day end

I want to leave everyone with a few little riddles to ponder as Father’s Day 2006 comes to a wonderful close this Sunday evening:

Is there anything more beautiful than your own sleeping child?

Is there a better feeling, as a father, than carrying that sleeping child up the stairs and into her bed?

Is there anything more wonderful than spending time with family and friends and seeing fathers of two generations still influencing their children and grandchildren?

Rhetorical and syrupy, I know, but honest, heartful and completely true.

I love you, Dad, for making me the father I am today.

I love you, Raelyn, for being the greatest daughter a father could ask for.

I love you, Jenn, for being the mommy to my daddy.

I love you, Mom, because it’s your birthday and, well, just because I love you.

Happy Father’s Day everybody!

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