Liberator Doppelbock

There are few things in life that can bring together the men in my family like beer.

Sure, Dad has his gearheaded car pursuits (you should see the replica Cobra he just bought), I have technology, Thad has(d) cigars and food and Graham has sports (well, we all do), but beer is literally the mana from heaven that lubricates our family gatherings.

So yesterday as a Father’s Day gift to both myself and my dad and a little liquid joy for Thad, we drank a liter bottle of Liberator Doppelbock.

Touted as the ninth best beer in the world (or so said the sign at my local package store), I couldn’t resist picking up a celebratory bottle. [Bad, punny joke: I “liberated” a bottle]

I don’t have much of a review, mostly because the mood was so revelrous (?) and we were having a good time doing nothing and just drinking beer. Actually, that excuse is kind of lmae, so I’ll just say that the beer was incredibly complex, malty and filling. Liquid bread.

I think even my beer snob palate might be a little too pedestrian to figure out all the goodness that is Liberator Doppelbock, but I know this much: all three of us loved the beer and wanted another bottle.

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