Alice Cooper and The Muppets

So the other day Atrios linked to a video of Alice Cooper performing “Welcome to my nightmare” on The Muppet Show. Watching the video made me curious about Alice Cooper’s appearance on the show and Kermitage has the details; Jump The Shark has snark.

Turns out Alice performed during the show’s third season, singing three songs: Welcome to my nightmare, School’s Out & You and Me.

Maybe it’s me, but I love the campy faux-horror schtick that Alice does. It actually fits quite nicely with some of the goofy/scary things The Muppet Show did, most notably the appearances of Vincent Price (with Uncle Deadly, the “Phantom of The Muppet Show”) and Zero Mostel (The Fears of Zero).

For my money (and I’m clearly biased here) there is nothing like a popular (and campy) artist having some fun with puppets.

I chose not to embed the video on this post because I’ve already done that today and all 3 pieces are worth watching.


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  1. Anon- says:

    On an unrelated note, have you seen the hanso foundation site recently? It shows a sign saying it was shut down dut to “hacking”. If you wait for about a minute a line flashes under the comapny’s name. I attached the line to the end of their URL and got another Dharma logo–with a baby and it asks the same questions we all ask. Thought you’d like to see it.

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