Nextwave is Love

Nextwave is Love and I’m in love with Nextwave.

So says it’s creator, Warren Ellis, and the fine folks at Variety. Actually, Ellis didn’t comment on my love for Nextwave, but does agree with Variety’s love of Nextwave.

Additionally, Variety was only describing their own love and not my own. I’m in charge of that.

Me? I’m completely inclined to agree. Not that I know what I’m agreeing with.

I still need to purchase issue #6 to complete the third two-issue arc. Plus, I’m looking forward to the rumored TPB of the first half dozen issues so I can seduce my friends with the dark wit and wisdom of the Nextwave crew.

Apparently Dirk Anger loves me as well and I’ll be passing along his love to others soon.

So, love all around for Nextwave and all those who love it.


UPDATE: You can pre-order the first collection via Amazon [Via Warren Ellis]

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