Pop culture remixes itself so quickly you can hardly keep up these days. Hands down, this week’s winner has got to be the Zidane headbutt from the World Cup.

Linked below are the myriad examples of the animated goodness.

Best Week Ever
MeFi [one] [two]
Warren Ellis
Multiple YTMND examples (Search here)

There’s even an interactive flash videogame, but it’s been overwhelmed by traffic. Twice. (Non-bandwidth-throttled version here)

Source material on YouTube
Zidane bio on Wikipedia

I’m sure we’ll see more remixing the rest of this week. Maybe event a Worth1000 contest.


UPDATE: Another Zidane game is making the rounds [Via Web Jungle]

UPDATE II: Anil Dash collects all the animated gifs into one video [Via Waxy]

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