Improv Class: Week Five

So I’m nearing the end of this grand Improv journey. There are only two more classes (one for me since I’m on vacation next week) until the August 8th performance.

Profuse apologies for even thinking to mention that the performance was August 15th. It’s not. It’s 8/8 from 6 – 9 at Dad’s Garage. Tell ’em Seth sent ya.

Or don’t. You’re not Mickey Spillane (God rest his soul).

This week was more two-person scene “practice” with most of us playing the part of entertained audience members. It’s still fun to laugh, even when you’re not bringing the laughter on-stage.

Here were the three “scenes” we ran:

  1. Gibberish “party quirks”
  2. One part made-up language (gibberish), one part “party quirks” from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

  3. Gibberish “telephone”
  4. Convey a location, occupation and thing using your made-up language. All items chosen by the audience.

  5. Confession
  6. Two cops get one criminal to confess to his/her crime. Crime (not really a crime), location and accomplice chosen by the audience.

    My surly cop character had to get Kowalski, that low-down thug, to confess to doing laundry on a bridge with Tinkerbell. Exciting procedural drama at its best.

That’s basically it.

I’ll have the August 1st class to “rehearse” – if that’s even possible in Improv – for the show.

Wish me luck!

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