The third thing

Ah, threes.

Seems like stuff (shit) always comes in threes. Like waves crashing against the shore or something.

I don’t know, fill in your own metaphor.

So our third thing this week was the air conditioning on the Highlander. Busted. Broken. HOT. AS. HELL.

For those of you keeping score at home that’s two air conditioning units (home and auto) and one radiator that have all decided to quit this week. Jerks!

I’m quite literally in hell.

Enjoy your afternoon. I’m trying to do just that, since I’m commuting with the windows rolled down.

2 thoughts on “The third thing

  1. Agggg! So sorry! That’s much worse than the chocolate on my white shirt I’ve been preoccupied with all afternoon. Boo for broken A/C in the south in July. At least it’s not August yet? (: Please don’t hit me.

  2. When you said the Highlander I thought you said THE Highlander and was wondering how the AC being broken at one of the best ATL bars affected you. Then I figured it out.

    Sucks dude, no AC in Atlanta is horrible.

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