Old Chub

Old Chub: brown sugar, but not in a sexual way.

Old Chub: canned powerhouse, but I had it on tap.

Old Chub: decadent, but relatively inexpensive.

Old Chub: high in alcohol, but immensely drinkable.

You see, I took some advice from local folks concerning beer and went to Taco Mac on Saturday. I didn’t really want Dale’s Pale Ale – the recommended beer – and stumbled upon Old Chub in the list of high gravity beers.

Both beers are made by Oskar Blues in Colorado, so I went ahead and ordered the Old Chub. $4.25 a pint for high gravity beer to accompany a medium rare burger – who was I to disagree.

I actually ordered a Dale’s Pale Ale with my meal (I finished the Old Chub before dinner arrived) but when I was told they were out, I quaffed a second pint of Old Chub.

Now that I know you can find Old Chub in Atlanta, that it comes in cans and that it rocks my socks off, I may have a new favorite beer.

What was I saying about finding a Dogwood Pale Ale clone?

Old Chub: Scotch strong ale in a can, but I’ll be damned if you don’t love it too!

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