So yesterday I signed up for a brand-new Web 2.0 book-lending/swapping/sharing service call Bookmooch.

The idea is simple: list the books you’ve read already or are willing to part with and search for books you’d like to read.

You get points for sharing your own books so that you can receive new ones.

This service seems perfect for me since I’m about to ditch a bunch of books anyway in a yard sale. Plus, I have books I know I need to foist on others, but my recommendations and abilities as a literary gadfly are lacking.

Hopefully Bookmooch will let me spread the joy of my past perusals more easily.

I also think it’ll make a good conversation starter for my mother-in-law. She has more tomes than a library and I think she would get a ton of use out of this system.

Not to mention I think she’d make a great blogger and maybe Bookmooch would spur her to create a Booklog.

Who knows?

[Via Joi Ito]

UPDATE: If MeFi thinks it’s cool, I must be cool, right?

3 thoughts on “Bookmooch

  1. I checked out the site and it’s so not Web2.0. It’s the same old table-based [generated by Photoshop nonetheless!] design that’s been going on since, well, the advent of HTML tables. There’s not even any cool javascripty goodness going on. Sad. [I hope that didn’t sound as snotty as I’m sure it did but as a budding web developer things like that matter to me.]

    Excluding the design/coding aspect, I don’t think I could bear to part with a book that I actually enjoyed. I’m one of those people who re-reads books all the time. The most recent example I can think of is “Salt” by Mark Kurlansky which I read about 4 times. Amazing book if you haven’t read it.

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